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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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thanks for joining us. i'm diane dwyer. >> i'm janelle wang. after years of dreary budget news, the governor delivered what some say is the most upbeat state of the state address in years. instead of warnings of doom and gloom, governor jerry brown says the state's on solid financial ground. nbc bay area's jody hernandez was at the capitol for this morning's speech. does this mean we're out of the woods? >> reporter: well, the governor says the state certainly needs to keep its spending in check, but he says california has done the impossible, turned things around and he intends to keep it moving in the right direction. >> this is my 11th year on the job. i've never been more excite. >> reporter: al optimistic governor brown says the state's back on track. after years of budget deficits, the state's finally in the black
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and brown says he intends to keep it that way. >> this means living within our means and not spending what we don't have. >> reporter: in his 11th state of the state address, he laid out his ideas for the second half of his term, including enhancing trade with china, improving the state's water system and moving forward with high-speed rail. >> i signed the original high speed rail authority in 1982. more than 30 years ago. in 2013, we finally break ground and start construction. >> the governor also keyed in on education, pledging to bring more money to schools in low income districts and vowing to do what he can to keep college costs in check. >> but tuition increases are not the answer. i'm not going to let the students of california become the default financiers of our colleges and universities. >> when you consider what we faced four years ago and two years ago, i'm smiling. >> democrats say they like what they heard.
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but some say restoring money to social service programs was noticeably missing. >> the governor had a message of restraint, but i also think that we need a message of restoration, and i think we can do some restoration to that safety net. >> republican who have seen their power stripped by the new democratic super majority in both houses toned down their criticism and say they like the governor's fiscally conservative approach. >> the devil's in the details and that's where some disagreements may come into play but the overarching goals and what we're talking about, i agree with him. fiscal discipline. there was a lot of good stuff in that speech. >> reporter: now, missing today was a scathing criticism from the opposing party, the senate republican leader says he likes the governor's commitment to the reducing debt and creating a rainy day fund. however, he says he would like to have heard some solid ideas for job creation. reporting live at the state capitol, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you.
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the governor was very positive today in his state of the state. right now we want to bring in larry gur sten. what was your take away about the tone of the governor's speech today? >> it was very upbeat, much like the talk we had a couple of weeks ago. clearly he believes california is back. that's exactly how he ended his talk. the budget is balanced and as he said, we're on the move. look, it also was a speech about limits. brown promised never to let the state get into the kind of boom and bust situation mentality, if you will, that dominated the state for the past what, couple of decades. that's another point. brown advocated trimming education rules that emphasized measurement over learning, sure to please the educational constituency and he pushed to loosen the california environmental quality act regulations. that's sure to please businesses for sure. so environmentalists on the other hand, not so sure. so a little bit for almost
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everyone. >> interesting. all right. what are the governor's greatest challenges coming up now? >> well, continuing to push for high speed rail. something that he originally endorsed in 1982. getting environmentalists and farmers to come together. a little kumbiya on the prifral tunnel as it's now called, a $14 billion project to move water around the san joaquin delta. and finally overcoming the concerns of teacher unions and suburban democratic legislators in his supplemental funding proposal to provide extra state funding for poor performing schools in areas where english is a second language and poverty an bounds. >> speak of kumbiya, brown has a supermajority in the assembly and the senate. will the democrats feel compelled to do what he wants to do? >> yeah, for the most part, yeah. okay. that will said, two major ob obstacles remain. the first would be the legislature's tendency to save less and spend more. we know about that, particularly with social welfare programs
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that have been decimated over the past few years to balance the budget. the second challenge will come from powerful interest groups. environmentalists, agribusiness, teacher associations, business organizations to name a few who see the governor's proposals as harmful to their own interests. so simply put, yeah, today's address sure, it was the governor's first step toward restoring the golden state's luster, but it remains to be seen just how sthoon vision will be tarnished by many powerful opponents. >> oh, yes, it should be interesting. thanks a lot, larry. and still ahead, can the governor really deliver on his bold agenda? we'll take a look to see what is realistic in our reality check coming up at 6:30. >> now to a follow-up to the attempted kidnapping that was caught on surveillance video. you saw that video here first on nbc bay area. police are looking for the man who tried to kidnap the young girl as she was walking to school. tonight, we hear from the girl's
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family who spoke only to nbc bay area. reporter damian trujillo is live at the scene in san jose. how is the girl doing tonight? >> doing much better tonight, obviously traumatized by this whole ordeal. but the family says if she ever sees this would be kidnapper again, she would be able to identify her attacker. >> see a little shadow of something right here. >> a neighbor's surveillance cameras caught these grainy images of the attempted kidnapping. it happened behind the car in the screen. the girl fought off her would be kidnapper before running away. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the victim was running to this woman's house, she always gave the girl a ride to school with her daughter. she says the man in then sketch followed the 13-year-old from san antonio street about a quarter mile away. >> how is the girl? >> the victim lived with her aunt, mario almeda. she says the victim is doing
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better but still traumatized by the attack and now moved with her mother in fresno. >> almeda says she wished there were more cops patrolling the streets especially while kids are on their way to school. neighbors haven't seen the man in the sketch before but they warn him tonight. >> he came to the wrong hood to do that, first of all, he is a sick gentleman doing that. and he's probably very lucky that i did not get ahold of him before the police does. >> even though she's traumatized, she says if she sees his picture, the victim can still finger the man who attacked her. and the victim would walk every morning in the dark about again about a quarter mile from her home to her ride to school just down the street on east st. james street in san jose. i'm told she was preparing to go to high school next fall. now she'll do that in fresno. i'm damian trujillo.
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>> thank you. we have new information tonight on the second homicide of the year in san jose. police identified the woman who was shot to death yesterday as and nap duong found shot but alive inside her apartment near 101 and tully road but died later at the hospital. neighbors say she was running a small business out of her apartment. family members are now caring for her 12-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. so far there is no motive and no arrests. also in san jose, lis arrested one suspect in connection with a home invasion robbery and still looking for two others. the three men reportedly forced their way into a home monday night and tied up a couple in their 70s and ransacked the home. they also stole both cars. police say they found those cars yesterday but are still searching for the additional suspects. a surprising twist today into the fbi search for murder victims in an old central valley well. one of the killers claims they're digging in the wrong place. the excavation is so complicated
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it took two weeks of preparation before the digging could begin. investigators are looking for the victims of the so-called speed freak killers who went on a 15-year meth-fueled murder rampage in the '80s and '90s. one of the killers committed suicide, the second drew maps for investigators is directing them to this site. now a stockton report reports sherman tyne has written a letter to one of the agents complaining they're not digging where he told them to. >> still ahead at 6:00, the vice president reaches out to the world using silicon valley technology to talk about gun control. >> plus, a new spin on teaching. what's being done in the south bay to revolutionize the classroom. >> painting the town teal. we'll take you live to the shark tank where fans are lining up for the first home game of this season. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. live in oakland. are you looking for that new piece of furniture? we're at the epicenter of some major bay area bargains that stretch for thousands of square
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feet. where you can get your hands on some of these exciting goods. that all go to help a good cause plus your weather forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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two silicon valley hot shots are taking your ouellet with them. scott bud mann is here with a pair of jaw dropping numbers. >> this is a follow-up to what we told you yesterday. two tech companies with neck-snapping moves after reporting quarterly earnings. apple selling a record number of iphones and ipads but still falling short of what wall street wanted to hear, losing billions of value today a stock drop of $63 a share. apple now down by a third since september. netflix on the other hand is on fire. a big rise in both subscribers and earnings. a 42% pop in the its stock price today. it has not been this high since september of 2011.
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and more earnings tonight, microsoft reporting a slight dip in profits as it tries to roll out windows 8. microsoft shares down 1.5% after hours. something new from twitter. it's quick like the 140 character updates but it's video. they call it vine. you post videos that last six seconds. meanwhile, the battle over gun control is raging across the nation. today a senator dianne feinstein reintroduced her assault weapon ban, the issue found its way into the chat room. google hosting a hangout on gun control featuring vice president joe biden. >> to end gun violence, once and for all. >> with gun control on the mind of the country -- >> the single best thing we can do is have a national dialogue about this. >> vice president joe biden brought the issue into the chat room. taking part in a google plus hangout to let people know they have a say in where gun control goes from here. >> make your voices heard. that's one of the reasons i wanted to be in this chat. there's tens of thousands of
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people listening to this. i don't care which side of the issue you're on. pick those things that you think can have a positive impact. >> the vice president isn't just talking about guns. he's a gun owner. something he says is foreign the dialogue. >> it is totally a guarantee not negotiable that i'm able to own a weapon. >> also important, taking questions live from parents and educators. >> are you proposing sending more armed guards into schools or having schools hire more mental health professionals? >> we are able to go in and with this proposal and train school personnel to identify aberrant behavior that warrants someone like you a professional looking at it. >> a controversial issue taken online to a social network. vice president biden also saying today he would support a study looking into whether playing video games leads to violent
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behavior. he chatted online for about 45 minutes. diane? >> thanks a lot, scott. months of waiting in anticipation has come down to this, the first home game for the san jose sharks this season. bay area's stephanie strong. >> a lot of happiness. the fans here starting to line up. you see the fans of all ages here. activity really started picking up in the last half hour. so excited for the home opener. tonight's game against the phoenix coits is the first of six home games in a row here at the shark tank. the boys in teal took to the ice today to practice ahead of their first home game, this shortened season. but we spoke with fan who are just ecstatic and caught up with a man who says he used to live in dublin but lives in reno now and fliers all the way here just to see the sharks in their game. >> oh, we're pleased to be back. we've been season ticket holders for 22 years. we're really looking forward to the season getting started
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again. a little tired of this delay in getting everything going. but we're happy to have them back on the ice. >> winning. >> yes, exactly. >> yeah. >> just so exciting to finally be back. it seems like it's been forever. >> reporter: and what you're looking at now is the free hat that every fan here tonight will be getting, everyone who came here to the home opener. pretty cool. the sharks ramping up excitement on twitter saying anyone who tweets their seat location tonight may enjoy a ride on the zamboni. just the icing on the cake for the fans. live at the hp pavilion, stephanie strong. >> thank you, stephanie. check that out. that's a podcast, get it? an l.a. county whale watching expedition hit the jackpot this week when some 23 whales were counted frolicking off palos ver days point. experts are excited saying it's
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the largest seen in 30 years. gray whales which can grow to 50 feet long migrate to baja, mexico, passing by southern california beginning in december and return to their alaskan feeding grounds throughout the spring. >> those are great, great pictures. >> what a treat for them. if you want to buy something for a loved one, we've got the place for you to go. jeff is there right now at the white elephant sale. hi, jeff. >> reporter: hey there. we are at the epicenter of what's going to be orchestrated madness throughout in weekend for that white elephant preview sale this sunday. we'll have my photographer josh pan off behind me. this is a small corner of the 96,000 square foot space that this sale will be taking place in. again, the preview sale coming up where they're going to have jewelry, furniture, vintage clothing and also sporting goods. there really is something for everyone. joining us tonight, we have sue with the white elephant sale here in oakland.
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and i lived in the bay area for many years. i didn't hear about it. >> where have you been for the last 54 years? >>. i know people at home are going, how did you not know about this? there is something special about this white elephant sale. >> there is. it's all about our donors. our shoppers, but most particularly about our volunteers. we have over 1,000 volunteers that come throughout the year to make this possible. >> yep. and all of the proceeds go right back into the oakland museum of california. so all of these vintage items you might buy, furniture, sporting goods goes right back to the community. that is the great thing. it runs the gamut. if you're looking for that special piece of furniture, maybe an empire table, a set of dresser drawers you've got that behind us. we also have some of the more unique items, right? >> i had to pull this off the shelf, the grandmother in me. it's so shirley temple, right? >> very cute. >> and only $5. >> yes, and then you've been
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attached to this dog, not live animals for sale. >> no live animals but plenty of things for the children. it's all about the kids and our community and who we support. and so please come and look. >> yep. >> at all the toys. >> and everything from the hope to also the high end. sterling silver. they've got jewelry. it's all going on here as we head throughout the upcoming weekend. thank you, so much sue. again, it's right here happening in oakland. you want to come on down and check it out. that forecast will be cooperating with a little bit of sun and also some showers coming our way as we head into this weekend. temperatures also in the low to mid 50s. now, again, it is the 54th annual white elephant sale, this is the preview event this sunday. you want to come on out, get a look at this. all the proceeds going to charity. check out their website, www.white elephant the seven-day forecast, we'll find tomorrow we'll have lingering showers. no large storm system. the same scenario throughout
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saturday and also sunday with a mix of sun and also clouds. so just be prepared to take that umbrella. so this is a perfect weekend, ladies, to be stuck inside a 96,000 square footwear house. look at this sue and i and my producer lance, we found this item. this is a cocktail shaker. there's stuff out here for guys. it's from 1931. it's a farewell to freedom. we think it was his bachelor gift. this is quite the sizable cocktail shaker. i'd say it would go perfect for maybe a 49ers game coming up i'm not sure of the price. >> $26. sterling silver cocktail shaker. >> great deal. okay, do some more shopping for me. a little polish on there. >> yes, i know you've been polishing up on your cooking. look at this. the mastering the art of french cooking by julia child. $7, folks. i feel like i'm doing a commercial. >> that's beautiful. >> good find. >> you're on the shopping network now. >> thanks so much. keep shopping.
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>> i'm on the hunt for you now. >> i'm liking some things a lot. >> jewelry, jeff, jewelry. >> yeah. >> well, it was a family of reunion that no one expected coming up, how ravens head coach john harbaugh punked his own parents this morning. >> and 38 million meals and counting. the next chapter is here for a san francisco institution for the needy.
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take a look at this, a water main broke under the road in greenbrae early this morning near sir francis drake boulevard. the break was capped but about a dozen homes are still without water and might be for some time. chp officers tell us water was shooting six feet into the hour air for about an hour and a half. >> it took hours to change the life of an east bay veteran. 80 volunteers from the home depot foundation converged on the pittsburg home of 29-year-old sean naval.
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he and his wife bought their dream home three years ago with plans to fix it up, but a bullet left him unable to do the renovation. today their mess was transformed with a paved patio, a fire pit and per go la for shade. but there was also some artificial grass which is low maintenance and wheelchair friendly. >> home depot and the company they work with, it's great that they can give back to the community. i know i was in the military and law enforcement, but to see this many people here during this project was just amazing. >> sean and his wife are planning to celebrate their new yard with a huge super bowl party for his extended family and today's volunteers are invited. >> absolutely. air national guardmen from the are deploying to afghanistan and the horn of africa this week. the 75 citizen air mann will be deployed for 4 1/2 months to provide search and rescue support from moffett field. >> our mission is to save lives.
6:25 pm
we're a rescue unit. we're going to go back to afghanistan. our helicopters, our crews will be there for about 41/2 months. and their job is to rescue anybody in need, whether it's u.s. forces, coalition members or afghan nationals. >> in addition to the wartime mission the unit works closely with the coast guard on state missions. >> how one south bay school is turning the tables on the traditional teaching methods to give children more access to technology. >> i'm sam brock. today was a glorious one for california governments. no. governor jerry brown soaked up the praise for a balanced budgets but made some claims that is don't pass the truth test. a reality check coming up next. >> no longer shooting to kill. what could be changing when it comes to control asking mountain lions.
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it's been quite awhile since california received a positive grade on its annual report card but that's essentially what happened today. >> governor jerry brown addressing lawmakers in his state of the state address. he talked about everything california achieved this year including a balanced budget. is there reason to celebrate? in tonight's reality check sam brock puts some of the governor's claims under the microscope. >> we could just steak the governor at his word that california has implemented all kinds of savory cuts and needed tax hikes to improve the financial picture. but then we'd be doing you a disservice because.comrams the governor made today aren't true. >> the honorable edmund g. brown junior. >> there was plenty of applause to go around at the state of the state address on thursday and it came from many different sources. the legislature, featured guests, governor brown himself. >> let's not applaud too much. >> but before the governor goes tooting his own horn, let's hear
6:29 pm
what he tells state lawmakers. >> you cast difficult votes to cut billions from the state's budget. you curbed prison spending through a historic realignment. >> this claim of cost reductions is murky at best. now, technically, the state dropped its corrections budget from $10 billion last year to a projected figure of $9 billion this year. or a drop of 10%. but even if you consider those savings historic, there's more to the governor's claim than meets the eye. >> it's somewhat not honest in many ways because while we have cut the state budget to prisons, we've actually increased the state budget to fund county jails under realignment, which equals $2 billion over the next two years. so if you add bowing of these things together, we're actually spending more on corrections. >> so really, california isn't saving on correction spending at least not yet. governor brown also highlighted his future agenda, lnching a multitunnel construction project
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underneath the sacramento san joaquin delta that would transport water from the north to the southern portions of the state and restore thousands of acres of delta habitat. the governor compared the project's cost to the olympics. >> olympics lasted a short while and cost $14 billion, about the same cost of this project, but this project will serve californians for hundreds of years. >> the problem here is that few estimates put the tunnel proposal at $14 billion. a report published a few months ago by econ northwest, an independent economic consulting group based out of state, put the project's low cost scenario at $21 billion with a high cost scenario approaching 70 billion. we spoke with nick de coachchy, member of an environmental water caucus representing dozens of environmental groups about the project's true costs. >> we estimate the total cost to recover the delta, including the tunnels, is somewhere between $50 billion and $60 billion.
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billion, b as in boy. >> and questionable numbers don't just apply to the water tunnel project. brown also told californians that a new samsung r&d facility in north san jose will bringing in 5,000 new jobs. so let's go deeper here. samsung's original announcement back in august said the company's total investment and number of hires in san jose wasn't determined at that point. so today we confirmed with samsung, we called them up. they have not announced the number of jobs eat either meaning governor brown is using yet another figure that can't be backed up by data. i'm sam brock. that is today's reality check. >> a single protester interrupted the confirmation hearing for senator john kerry today. kerry is expected -- >> i'm tired. >> theresley is, kerry is expected to replace hockey as secretary of state. the interruption came just as he finished his prepared remarks to the senate foreign relations committee.
6:32 pm
he handled the protest by alluding to his own time as an anti-war activist. >> when i first came to washington and testified, i obviously was testifying as part of a group of people who came here to have their voices heard. and that is above all what this place is about. so i respect, i think the woman who was voicing her concerns about that part of the world and from one of you have traveled there. some of you there recently. >> kerry received by partisan support before the committee which he chairs. he is expected to easily win confirmation to become secretary of state. both clinton and senator john mccain praised him as having the experience and qualifications to lead america's dipietroic effort. >> now a follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday. a reversingal of the long-standing ban on women serving on the front lines. the move will open more than 230,000 ground combat jobs to women and could take two to three years before women are fully trained and combat
6:33 pm
qualified. president obama praised the change calling it a milestone. >> the shooting of two mountain lion cubs in half moon bay last month could change forever how california deals with big cats which warned into neighborhoods. many were angry the cubs were shot by a game warden instead of relocated. one neighbor reported video of the animals. today senate senator jerry hill introduced a bill requiring wardens to use nonlethal means when dealing with suburban mountain lions. the law would also authorize the wardens to partner with local wildlife groups or zoos if there is no threat to human life. >> to education now. a visit to a school with an unusual way of using computers in the classroom. nbc bay area news anchor jessica aguirre filed this special class action report. >> silicon valley is known around the world as the hub of innovation, but schools have not always kept pace. now a high profile new initiative backed by bay area
6:34 pm
money and smarts aims to change that by guaranteeing there's technology in the classroom. and to kick off their everts, they're highlighting a small school they think is having a big impact. >> from the outside, this middle school in san jose looks like any other public school in the bay area. but when students file into the classroom, you quickly realize this is not a typical school. >> we have ab, d, c and then wxzy. >> half the kids are listening to the teacher. the other half working on laptops. their backs turned to her. both in the same room, at the same time. doing very different work. >> what the computers allow us to do is to really get more information and favorite. >> at the new alpha blanca al va raid dole middle school, headphones are as common as pencils and eaches walk around with ipads. this mix of traditional face to face instruction with personalized learning on the
6:35 pm
computer is called blended learning. while it's still relatively new, its advocates see great potential. >> we have students who came into our seventh grade class reading at a second grade reading level. many of those students are progressing much more rapidly than we would expect in a traditional classroom. >> this week the fledgling school won a $300,000 grant from a new venture called the silicon school's fund, a nod to the unusual model of splitting the classroom in two. >> by doing that, they've cut the class size in half. >> brian greene berg is the ceo of the school's fund, an effort to jump start personalized learning with computers. greenberg aims to launch 25 new schools like this one in the next five years. >> folks from all over the country are coming to the bay area to see these early schools we have. we want to accelerate that and have more to show them. >> he has backing from notable advocates, john fischer whose
6:36 pm
parents founded the gap gifted more than $5 million. also on the board, sol khan, the founderal khan academy a non-profit based in mountain view. >> in california over the last four years, we've cut by about $20 billion. >> despite that backing, the california teachers association, the largest teachers union in the state, doesn't see the blended learning as a panacea for what's ailing california schools. >> california is about last in the nation in the number of computers available per student. >> don dawson says years of underfunding have left a deficit that no one organization, not even a well financed one like the silicon school's fund can overcome. >> all of our students deserve that promise. all students deserve to have the resources allocated. >> so this time. >> but at at this middle school, teachers are embracing the split classroom and the students seem to be on board too. >> it's great because you get to learn at your own pace.
6:37 pm
you gcan go back on the computers. >> for his part, the ceo behind the new effort to re-create the classroom says he may not have all the answers just yet but it's never too soon to try. >> what we want to do is bring great change thors into the classroom and let them use their schools as laboratories of innovation. >> that charter school is one of two to win grants from the school's fund. the other is summit public schools, both will use the grant money to expand and reach more kids. now, while the jury is still out on its success, look for a lot more people to weigh in on blended learning in the coming year. back to you. >> thanks. still ahead, too much movie magic? the new steve jobs movie isn't out yet but we're already learning about some moments that may be a little too hollywood. the sneak preview straight ahead. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in oakland. are you looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife? the white elephant preview sale in oakland this weekend is the
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place for you. not only all of this jewelry but furniture and guys even stuff for you, sports memorabilia, including the san francisco giants. we're going to tell you how you can help out this great cause, plus your weekend forecast in just a few minutes.
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>>s in freedom to create and to do and top build and as artists, as individuals. >> look, you're overreacting. even if you were developing this for -- and i doubt you are, nobody wants to buy a computer. nobody. >> how does somebody know what they want if they've never even seen it. >> that's ashton kutcher playing steve jobs. today we got a first look at a trailer from the jobs' biopic
6:41 pm
out this spring. steve wozniak said the scene portrayed never happened but hey, it's the movies. josh gad plays him in the film. we reached out to thes would. we'll let you know what else he has to say when he gets back to us. the 49ers quest for six will will be a family affair. listen in as the harbaugh parents and sister have a pre-game teleconference taking in calls from the public. >> yeah, question for baltimore. is it true that both of you like jim better than john? >> do not. john, how are you? >> is that john harbaugh? >> all right. that was ravens head coach john harbaugh. prank calling his parents and his sister. the game will be historic. the first time two brothers coach against each other in the super bowl. the last time they faced off during a regular season game, the niners lost to the ravens on thanksgiving, 20-11. i think it's the niners turn. the haw baugh parents will had remain neutral for the super bowl.
6:42 pm
they say it's all about family at the end of the day, but still suggest a tie would be their top choice. the nfl, not allowing that. >> no, that's not funny. very cute. >> great moment for the family. let's check with jeff. he's doing some shopping in the jewelry section. i heard you were just there. >> i know. now i look like i'm in a furniture commercial. look at this. rows and rows of incredible furniture out here at the white elephant sale in oakland. the preview sale this weekend. it's a can't miss event. not only do you maybe get exactly what you want for your house, but it all goes to help charity. we'll detail some of the more unique items plus the can't miss weekend weather forecast. >> save me some of the sports memorabilia. ten days to super bowl xlvii in new orleans. up next, we head down a 49ers hq in santa clara and hear from the man in the middle of the spotlight. colin kaepernick was bombarded by the media today with a variety of strange questions.
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hear what happened next on the xfinity "sportsdesk."
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one of san francisco's most famous soup kitchens is about to start its new life. today nancy pelthonen and mayor ed lee helped break ground on a new st. anthony's dining room.
6:45 pm
the organization has served up millions of meals over six decades. joe rosato junior shows us what the new building will mean for the down and out. >> reporter: among the hard luck stories reverberating along the streets of san francisco's tenderloin -- is an unlikely story of hope. it's a story barbara coleman knows well. >> st. anthony's has been in my life ever since i arrived in san francisco in 1979. >> when she first arrived in san francisco, coleman didn't have much. >> wasn't no family members or nothing for me to go to. so the first place they told me to come was st. anthony's. >> she found solace in the st. anthony's dining room with a hot meal and even a bed. >> i slept in the dining room. yes, i did. >> reporter: more than 62 years after opening in a former tenderloin auto body shop, the place known as the miracle on jones street is serving meals in
6:46 pm
a temporary dining hall with coleman still leading them. >> this is the time of the months where they don't have much, you know, much money like myself. so -- look here. this is good. >> across the street from the temporary dining room is a cavern news hall where the original st. anthony's once stood. the building was torn down a year ago to make way for a new st. anthony's. >> when you kind of take a look behind you, you can sort of see you know what happens when you tear down in a building in the ten tenderloin. you see the bones of the neighborhood exposed and its stories. >> the next story in the st. anthony's story is today's ground breaking for the new building. the $22 million development will include 89 units of low income senior housing and a brand-new dining room. >> people coming into the new dining room will i think see that they are the kind of people who deserve to be fed and sit around a table like other people do.
6:47 pm
>> in its of 2-year run, st. anthony's has served more than 38 million meals. when the new building opens next year, it will nearly double the number of people it can serve every day which includes barbara coleman. >> that's going to be wonderful to go back. it's memorable for me because that is where i started from. >> joe rosato junior, nbc bay area news. >> such a great program. >> another institution, the white elephant sale that is, and the oakland museum. jeff ranieri is out there shopping away for us, which i have to like, jeff. >> yes, do you like my new outfit? it's a st. john's knit, ladies. i'm wearing it. >> that is a gem. how much is that? >> i'm not sure. maybe under 100 bucks. >> $65. >> yeah. >> what a great deal. >> yes, but i thought it was kind of fun. one of those photo opportunities. we're right here at the white elephant sale in oakland. the preview sale happening this weekend. it's a can't miss event from st.
6:48 pm
john knits to tea service to furniture and sporting goods, we have it all. we've gone over a lot of things. but you wanted to show us some of the more unique items too. >> we have a topcoat complete with tails. >> wow. >> we've got. >> how much is that sucker? >> that is $40. >> $40? >> we have a brand-new wedding dress for $25. >> and this thing is -- this is beautiful. if you're a bride, how could you beat that, under $100 for a wedding dress? >> we have a typical '60s madmen hat in our accessories department. >> some of the finer items. >> we have a six-piece tea and coffee service. we have a mison porcelain statuette. we have tea cups, arts and krafts. you name it, we have it. >> the cool thing we want to get into is the fact that all of these items here from the furniture to the clothing to the tea service, the jewelry, all of this goes towards helping the community.
6:49 pm
>> no, it's specifically the oakland museum of california. >> right. >> that we are -- the women's board of the museum and there's a group of about 100 of us women that are on the board. we coordinate the sale every year, and we do a good job. >> i've heard the technique, the only important techniques to remember if you're coming this sunday are there's going to be a huge line. bring your patience and have basically the whole day to spend out here. there's 96,000 square feet to go through, which is about two football fields. >> it's everything from the decorative pieces to the mundane. we've got clothes, we've got sporting goods. we've got housewares. we've got bed sheets. i mean, i cannot think of anything we really don't have. >> all right. lisa, that everything you so much. i know you've got something for my "weather center." take a look at this sucker down here. yes, i'm going to bring that home back to nbc bay area. the weather graphics for tonight, a lot of stuff happening throughout the next 48 to 72 hours. those showers lingering around looks like we're going to keep
6:50 pm
that chance of showers in the forecast. right on the doppler radar right now, you can see a lot of that is beginning to fade. we'll get a brief break and sunshine in here for friday. we still can't rule out the possibility of a few showers. here's the problem. subtropical moisture moving up from the south. that's going to linger here as we head throughout friday, saturday and sunday's forecast. and then it's going to bring a mix of sun and also some clouds into the mix. it will keep it also very cold as we head throughout the next 48 hours. and what you're going to find in that forecast is temperatures tonight dropping into the low 40s into the north bay and also the mid 40s back for the east bay and for the south bay. all right. daytime highs as we head throughout tomorrow will top out in the low to mid 60s. back in the east bay and low 60s for the south bay. the event is the 54th annual white elephant sale as we head into this sunday. this is the preview sale with temperatures in the 50s. you can go to their website, white elephant
6:51 pm
on that seven-day forecast when we get to it, we'll keep the chance of showers in the forecast for friday, saturday and also on sunday. and then we'll get some sunshine in by next week. ladies, get in the background. hurry up. this is tv. we've only got a few seconds. there's a lot of ladies that help to put all of this on for us today. they're all volunteers and donors and they'll be out here as we head into this weekend. this is more of a chanel look i'm told. it's a little chunky. we hear from our consultants in tv it's good for your luck. >> thanks, jeff. very far fun shopping. >> let's get to sports. >> let's talk football and the come cart sports newsroom, jim cosey more. >> the overunder on jeff is spending 250 bucks at that sale. that's what i say. the overunder 250. ten days from the big easy more commonly known as super bowl
6:52 pm
xlvii in new orleans. colin kaepernick met with the media today and it was quite a delicious scene in santa clara. let's bring in mindy bach who has it the 49ers covered better than anyone else i know. what kind of appetite did you have for news when he took the microphone? >> jim, i think you are probably referring to the 15 pizzas that the quarterback had deliver the to the media trailer to feed the reporters. that happened after his media availability before he did that, he got a small taste of what the media scrutiny is going to be like in new orleans when he met with the media here in santa clara. he was asked 30 questions. only four of them were pertaining to the upcoming game against the ravens. here's a little bit of what that session sounded like. >> colin, what is it like to wake up as colin kaepernick these days? >> i mean, it's the same as it was six months ago. >> i have to ask you a question about your cat. which one is your favorite and
6:53 pm
why? >> probably the one on the inside my arm that says my gift is my curse. i just feel like that's something that applies to my life in many different ways. >> whose idea was it to do the trademarking? >> that was my idea. >> has the nfl come down on you for that? >> i don't know. >> a lot. >> can you fulfill them all? >> no. >> what were you doing, remember what you were doing last super bowl sunday? >> watching the game. i don't remember where i was at. >> and kaepernick was asked if he's intimidated by 17-year veteran inside linebacker ray louis. and kaepernick says he tries not to get intimidated. louis is an iconic linebacker. he's arguably one of the best to play the position of his generation as is the 49ers inside linebacker patrick willis. both have admiration for each other. louis' career is coming to an end. and willis is in his prime.
6:54 pm
willis says when louis steps away, there is no torch being passed. >> i was just a big fan of him you know, just his enthusiasm on the field, just his passion he plays with. i've always been a big fan of those who play with passion such as ray louis. >> such a young line that i talk to a lot. i talk to them a lot. you know, we just -- he's talking about the feeling and you know how surreal it is for him. >> patrick willis and ray louis first came to know each other at the pro bowl. when the ravenses all pro linebacker retires after the super bowl, willis says louis's shoes are not his to fill. >> people always want to make some pair sons and talk about torches and all this, but at the end of the day, i've always said i can only be the best player i can be. >> willis is a five-time all pro in his own right and the first 49ers player to be selected to the pro bowl in each of his first six seasons.
6:55 pm
willis's accomplishments to do the mean he's closed minded to the experiences of his elder. >> i always try to throw all bits out to help his career out, how to get better. you should do this, you should do that. we talk a lot. but he's a great, great young man. >> ray is one of those guys that he loves to give his wisdom and give his knowledge and i'm the type i love to listen. anybody who's been there and done that and especially of his caliber who has played a long time and been consistently amazing what he does, you know, i can sit down and listen all day long. >> now, when willis chose to wear number 52 as a rookie, he said he had no idea his play would be compared to louis's. he said of all the numbers available to him at the time, he preferred even numbers and 52 was the best one. but he did say there were players that wore the number he admired and yes, ray louis is one of them.
6:56 pm
jim? >> mindy bach, doing great things in santa clara. power forward of the warriors named to the nba all-star team. steph kurri did not make the squad. congratulations to david lee. sharks home tonight for phoenix. their home opener in the nhl season. we'll have more news from nbc bay area news on the way.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
thanks for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> thanks for having me as a guest. >> it's always so much fun. we'll see you here at 11:00. good night. >> good night.
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